Thursday, 2 August 2012

Progress I

Design Element for Image

I have designed the border and background of the each image that will be shown on photos feed. Each photo will consist the name of uploader, number of "likes", number of comments, the caption of the photo and the tags for the photo. I chose to use white background/border for each image purpose is to highlight the image itself. Users will then easily focus on the images rather than distracted by other design elements. I also applied some drop shadow effect for the background to make the image looks "pop-up".

Then later on, I have created the page where users are able to view particular photo details. 

Design for photo details page

On the left side of the page consists of a larger and clearer version of the photo from the photos feed previously once the users click it. Below of the large picture, there are 3 buttons which represent different photo sharing sites (instagram, pinterest, tumblr), the buttons are provided to allow users to choose to where they want to share the particular photo. While on the right side of the page, there are the details of the photo and a space is given for the user to enter the comment. The function is basically the same as the app in mobile. At this stage, the fonts are still not confirmed as everything is still at testing phase. Later I will adjust the typeface and the size to better readability and to suit overall look and feel.

Total hours used = approximately 4 hours 

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