Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Digital sketches

I have done a digital layout of my application using Illustrator:

It turns out that the red colour is overly eye catching and it hurts viewers' eyes too if starring at it for a long period. However this is going to be the layout sketch of my application. It also turns out differently from what I sketched on the paper previously.

Therefore, I have continued to amend the layout (second tryout):
I have reduce the length of the left column on the layout and changed the colour slightly brighter to see if the color is suitable for reading/consuming for long period. However, I found out that the colour is still too bright and the top bar of the application is grabbing too much attention than the other parts. Therefore, I continue amend the layout and this was the second tryout. 

I have decided to turn the colour into softer red and created another color palette: 
the dominant colour is red (a bit peachy kind of colour) is to soothe the reading and it is also the significant colour of my application. the rest of the colours I have decided to use a range of grey colours because there are plain and not eye catching, so that users can focus more on the images itself while navigating the application. 

Then, I have tried to amend the previous layout by using the colour palette that I have created and I also tried to insert some photos for mock up purpose and to test the overall look and feel of the application: 

total time used = approximately 4 hours

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