Saturday, 4 August 2012

User Testing

I have carried out an informal user testing in MM Lab 5 at The One Academy. I have asked few of my classmates friends to try using the application and see if they are understand, and also to test the ease of use. Users are given a scenario/task which is they have to log in, choose a favourite picture and share it to instagram, then choose another photo source to look for a photo they like and share it on instagram as well, then lastly their task is to collect the photo they like.

Then I have asked them a few questions after they have done navigating:

1. What do you think the purpose of this application is? (ie. selling, informing, entertainment, etc)
If they think it is a selling app, but it is actually a content information site, question what made them think the purpose was different than it really is.

2. Was there something missing you were expecting to see?
For prompting, you can ask about more text, more images, a FAQ, a question answered, etc.

3. Easy to read (both font style and size)?
Was the font size too large or small? Was the chosen font difficult to read or in a color that made the text not as readable as it could have been?

4. How did you find the layout of the site?
Was everything organized well and set out as expected? If the layout is not a usual style, question that experience as well.
5. How intuitive and helpful is the navigation system?

6. What would encourage you to return to this application in the future?
Was there something that could have been added to increase the return visitor rate?

7. Name your three favorite things about the application, and your three least favorite
This usually can bring up the unexpected things about your site that either endear people to it, or make them more likely to bounce quickly.

I have summarized the answers from the respondents/users:

Most of them feel that the application is for entertainment purpose, and one of them mentioned that it is something popular and hit in year 2012 as people like to collect images. They also mentioned that they would like to sign in to even more platforms such as social media like Facebook and Twitter to get more photos besides the three listed in the application.

In term of the readability, they think that it is very easy to read as the colour contrast make things more visible and the layout is organised and neat. They think the application is helpful and user friendly as it allows them to collect and reshare photos they like from many platforms. However, there are also things that they don't like which is they are unable to edit the photo (brightness, contrast etc), and they hardly find the category they want to look at when browsing through the photos feed. 

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