Thursday, 2 August 2012

Progress II

Today, I have improved the design of the page (left column) which is the navigation bar on the left side. I have applied gradient from lighter red to darker red to the buttons so that it would not look too flat and looks more engaging. Beside, I have also added the logo of different photo sharing sites as the icon for each button so that users will easily recognise the link by looking at the icons itself. 
I have also decided to use typeface: Whitney HTF in this application. To complete the overall look and design of the photos feed page, I have also added a search bar on the top right corner. The search bar is placed that is because it is easily to be seen.

the design of the button is changed from darker red, 

to a softer red, and the button doesn't look as flat as previous one:

Apart from this, I have also enhance the design of the top bar of the layout as I have added gradient to it to make it looks more attractive and eye pleasing. Scroll bar is also added to the right side of the page to indicate that the content is scroll-able. All the design elements (buttons, top bar, search bar, scroll bar) will be used for other pages of the application. 

Beside designing the layout, I have also designed and created several buttons for the application, all these buttons are used in different page of the application.


At the end of the day, I have done creating the pages of the interface with appropriate design elements.

 total time use = approximately 6 hours

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