Tuesday, 31 July 2012

moodboard // art direction

In this application, I hope to emphasize more on the images(photos) and also the important navigation buttons. Therefore I have planned to have a simple and plain yet interesting art direction for my application that I will be creating.

From the research that I have done, I also realised that in order to create a desktop application that is being used for a long period, the colour palette must be narrow and also try to avoid using too many complicated design elements which will distract users' attention. I noticed that most of the desktop applications are using white/grey/silver as the background colour and little colours are being used. Striking/bright colours such as blue, red, yellow and orange are used around 20% of the entire interface. Those colours are also not being used together within the interface of the application.

Below are two examples that showcase images with a plain background. Users will automatically pay their attention to the images itself.

So I have decided to use a plain background to bring out the images more. There are few examples that how my interface going to be like:


I have decided to use a color palette that contains of a dominant colour - red.
And as background I am using grey/white. so the colour palette will be:

-The light grey on the extreme left is used for background

-Black colour on the extreme right will be used for text.

-The red colour will be used as the main colour of the interface.

Design Element
There will be not much design elements in my interface as I don't want the users get distracted by other things while navigating. Therefore, the only design element that used in the interface will be the navigation buttons. And here are some examples that show the buttons are going to look like:

basically, there are gradient applied on to the buttons. Deboss and Emboss effect are also applied on to the buttons so that the buttons would not look flat and boring. There is also drop shadow being applied on the buttons that make it looks likes it is popping up. 

Overall moodboard:

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