Wednesday, 18 July 2012

purpose/advantages of Tweetdeck

-twitter client and also a software program that provides single or multi-column layout.
-it serves the purpose of managing information more effectively and acts as a desktop application.
-it helps to organise feeds into several columns/schedules tweets.
-automatically update your profiles at several other social networking sites. by doing this, it helps save user a considerable amount of time so that user doesn't have to log in to multiple social networking platforms to get the messages. However, if user doesn't want the messages to be synchronised, user can also seperate the sites.
-it helps manage multiple accounts.
-since it's a desktop application, it runs in background. Therefore it allows users to use it in background while they are doing other things. Tweetdeck will also notify users when they receive latest tweets by people whom they are following.

Tweetdeck shares same function as, it evolves existing features of the original websites by integrating other social media API and features to make it better. Tweetdeck also speeds up interaction time, communicate faster without interrupting or pausing the things user are doing. Users can reply tweets on the go on the right side of the desktop. Tweetdeck allows users to view updates easily and they are able to receive updates from both Twitter and Facebook or other social media at the same time within the interface. It helps to save time by without switching the tab on the browser or log out and log in to different social website. This is the one of the advantages of it as it saves users' data when they first logged in at the beginning, unlike the websites, once users clear the cookies, they are required to key in username and password again in order to proceed.


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