Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Why there is no Instagram websites?

The current instagram website is only allows users to log in to their accounts and manage their profile such as names, emails, username, password, birthday, biography and websites. However, instagram users are not able to view feeds from the websites. There is no full website full Instagram, it's all based on the Android and iPhone apps, so there is no way for people to browse by topics or geographical areas and stumble across you images. There are full pages for individual images, but users are not able to click on any usernames to start browsing without the app.

Example of website of Instagram that displays photo of other users. Users are allowed to comment or like the photos but they are not able to browse through their feeds by using the website.

"The new photo page lacks a lot of the functionality needed in a true web interface.
The only way I was able to access the new page is through an email link sent from the Instagram phone app. I was only able to access the individual photos shared via email. I was still unable to access my feed — or anyone else’s — from the my login on the web. I was unable to browse other users’ feeds or profiles. That’s a pretty big, frustrating omission for a “web interface.”
In the web version, there is no user autofill for replying to comments. Also, it looks to me like there’s no way to see the location info on a map as in the previous version of the interface. There’s only a small text tag when location information is in the photo. "
Website for Instagram that allows user to create their own gallery and invite users to view ans share their photos.
another website for instagram that allows users to view friends's photos, comments, like, follow/unfollow friends, and browse through popular feeds.

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