Saturday, 28 July 2012

Desktop application Interface design Example

I have found a several desktop applications interface design. Those are the examples of sovereign posture (one of the desktop application categories) 

Caldera Interface Design

iTune's Interface Design

Skype Interface Design

Paint Interface Design

I have also found that the layout of these interfaces are similar which most of the navigation bar/buttons is on the left side of the window. 

Beside, the navigation bar also appeared on the top of the window in the interface design. These interfaces achieve balance as the right/middle side of the window used up most of the space and it is the content of the application where user is navigating it with a long time of period. 

iTunes, Skype and Paint interface appeared to be simple and clean as well as visually eye pleasing. It does not complicate the users while navigating the application and also there aren't much distraction in the interface design. The interfaces use icons and the color palette is kind of narrow which fits what the book has mentioned. 

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