Saturday, 28 July 2012

Decision Making

Key concept: Viewing, Sharing and Collecting
This concept is inspired by a music player, it is a desktop application where users are free to search for music and download it to the application. Users can also play the music they have downloaded using the desktop app even without internet connection (once they are completely downloaded). The music that have downloaded will be stored and users are allowed to customise their playlist. 

Idea: Create an application (desktop) that able to manage few photo sharing accounts such as Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr at one time and allows users to view and share photos.

Key features:

  • re-post other users' photos from any photo sharing sites. 
  • collect (save) favourite photos from any photo sharing sites. 
Function of the app
Users are able to log in to different photo sharing sites to view their photos feed using the application at one time. They will also able to view photos from the popular page and share photos to their own account. Users are also allowed to comment and like the particular photo they like by using the application once they logged in as the data from the photo sharing sites will then synced to the application itself. The application will also receive latest update by the other users in real time. 

Users are allowed to re-share the photo they like by selecting the platform. They can either choose to re-share to the same site or share to other photo sharing sites that they have logged in earlier. Users will then allowed to adjust the size of the photo according to their preference and add a caption to it. 

Besides, users are also allowed to collect the picture they like from the photos feed or popular page of the photo sharing site. They will then required to key in label for that photo. The photo that collected is stored in a collection folder where it contains different sub folders which named by the labels that they have entered earlier. Pictures will be grouped according to the labels they have entered so that they can easily find it. 

The desktop application will be 1100 x 690 pixel and it is compatible with windows users only (due to the limitation of time). 

The interface that is created will be only emphasize on the user experience which is:
- able to view photos once log in 
- able to share photos to other sites/ or same site
- able to collect photos to their collection

Name of the application:
The name of the app will be - Picshare
As "Picshare" sounds like the homophonic of "Picture"
Pic - stands for picture
Share - represents photo sharing 
and the 'C' within the "pic" stands for collection.

Basically, the meaning of the title is: picture collecting and sharing. 

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