Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Research on photo sharing

From a survey done by AYTM, shows that 31% of people said they don't share personal photos online and 44% said they do share but not often while 22% of them say they share photos fairly often and 3% said they share photos online everyday. After calculation, this shows that total of 69% of people actually do share photos. 

Of those respondents who share photo online, 22% of them said most of the photo they share are taken with cell phones, while 39% of them said they sometimes share using cellphones but sometimes not, and 40% said they never share cell phone photos. After calculation, there is more or less total of 75% of people actually don't share photos using cellphones. This shows that people actually share photos from other sources more than using a cellphone to take picture and upload. They probably share it when they browse through certain web pages or from other people's posts.

There are also 72.5% of the respondents said that they do not have any photo sharing app on their phones (or other mobile devices) such as Instagram. This also shows that they do share photos, but not using an application through mobile as most of them do not own any.

Beside, regardless whether or not they share photos online, there are 64% of them said they do enjoy when other people share photos online. This shows people are likely to see what other people have posted and they enjoy viewing them especially photos that are eye-attractive and that's also the reason why many people enjoy using Tumblr as it allows users to view and share the picture they want.


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