Saturday, 28 July 2012

Change of Idea

My previous idea was to create an application for Instagram in Desktop version. But now I have decided to add some other features and improve the whole idea and concept of the desktop application. My idea was inspired by Tumblr and Twitter where they allow users to "reblog" and "retweet" which means users can re-post what other users have uploaded in that platforms. The purpose of doing "reblog" is to share other peoples' videos, links, photos, thoughts and many others to more and more people. This process emphasizes on: Sharing. Now Internet is widely used by many people for sharing purposes such as social media: Facebook, Twitter, etc..., where users can share their status, their activities to friends or family and even friends of friends.

This inspiration leads me to rethink my idea of the application. I was wondering why Instagram does not have the re-post feature where user can re-post other peoples' photos. I was thinking the reason of not having this feature is due to the copyright problem. People could just used other pictures and claimed it as his/hers. Therefore, I have came out with a solution which is: state the name and source of the original users in the caption of the photo by not allowing people to change or edit things to it. This solution could help to solve copyright problem where people will see the original source of the photo that posted. Beside, a "re-post" icon will be displayed and located on the photo itself to show people that it is actually grabbed from other people's photo to solve copyright conflict.

The purpose of doing "re-post" picture in Instagram is to allow users to share photos that they like to their friends. For example, I saw a beautiful/meaningful picture by this particular user and I wanted to share it to my other friends(where they are not the friends of the user). The fastest way to do this is to have a re-post function where I can easily share this to other friends WITH copyright of the user.

Apart from this, my idea of creating the application is to allow users to have plenty photo sources where they can view and share it to any platform they want. Therefore, I have decided to use a few photo sharing sites /app in my application (prototype purpose) which are Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. The idea was also inspired by Tweetdeck which I have posted earlier on where it can manage users' different accounts at the same time.

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