Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Decision Changing and Making

After I've done the research, I've noticed that I am facing a problem by creating the app for Instagram which is: Instagram is built for the purpose of photo sharing using cellphones. If I would want to create a PC version of it, I might spoil the spirit or meaning of the application. Therefore, I've decided to create a desktop application that implemented features and good points of Tweetdeck which is focusing on Photo Sharing. This application that I will be creating is a application that helps manage the accounts of photo sharing such as Pinterest, and Flickr and others. But for this project that I am working on, I will be focusing on Pinterst and Flickr due to the limitation of working hour. 

//The reason why I choose these 3 photo sharing sites/application because they are popular among the other photo sharing app/sites that people are using now. There are both websites and application for these 3 photo sharing function for instance, there is Instagram application in Android and iPhone, and there are also several websites that serve the purpose of viewing instagram photos. //

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